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Fifa 13 Liga 1 Download Torent tanwyn




You can play the game online on PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PS Vita, Android, IPhone or Nintendo 3DS. Game key features Game description EA’s sequel to its 2011 soccer simulation will once again let you take control of the best players in the world, but also try to break them down with controversial transfers. As in FIFA 12, you’ll manage players from 64 national teams, from over 750 players, and also over 40 million of fans. You’ll earn points based on the actions of your squad in regular games. Earn more and you’ll rise through the ranks of the global soccer league. Win a few games and you’ll be featured on the global soccer highlight reel. But the only way to win, of course, is to line up in your favorite national teams and score a winning goal. FIFA 13 features a brand new dynamic and expanded Ultimate Team mode, plus many new career, exhibition and competitive mode features. The game introduces a brand new player progression system, and brings to life a wide variety of new animations and crowd reactions. The online and AI technology also continues to be refined and upgraded. FIFA 13 contains a number of enhancements and refinements to the game engine, including: • High-fidelity physics and graphics engine with intelligent collision detection and improved ball control.• New goalkeeper goalkeepers, including advanced AI, to react intelligently in all game situations.• New playing surface models, with more realistic and weather-based deformation and improved ball control and traction on the pitch.• A new goal system that will revolutionize the way you control your team and how you score. Players with the ball can use sprinting, sliding, diving and lobbing techniques to create scoring chances, while players without the ball will be better able to defend.• New ball movement and work rate system that gives the ball a will of its own. As a result, the ball moves more realistically through the air and on the ground, and it will take a completely new path when a player with the ball is dispossessed.• Eight new camera angles, including an all-new set of dynamic first-person views from players on the pitch.• New commentary featuring a number of new team and manager commentators.• Comprehensive suite of team- and player-specific matchday features that show fans how their favorite club plays.• Scorestreaks added to the game, giving you the opportunity to control your




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Fifa 13 Liga 1 Download Torent tanwyn

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