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Lisa S. Kamimoto

spiritual philosopher 


Pink Marble


Making the world a better place spirit to spirit by teaching and healing.


world peace!

lets focus on our inner self, your true self, and find peace inside. 

There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind. 

About Me

My Japanese name, Shoko (聖子­) means "Sacred Child" and ShowMe (聖美) means “Sacred Beauty” (neologism)

Born and raised in Los Angeles, as Japanese American. 

during my early childhood, I had a special connection with invisible creatures which i kept it to myself and never told anyone about it. i didn't think my ability to travel to different dimension to visit beautiful beings was a special gift. now that i think about it, i guess i was little sensitive to energy. i never felt comfortable living on this planet when i was a child. I knew something wasn't right and something was missing but i couldn't figure it out. 

i was lucky that i didn't experience anything dramatically terrible in my life, but my inner suffering begins trying to search for who i really am. 

my spiritual journey begin at year 2010, age 24 when i graduated from university with BA degree in studio art. 

i was Living a boring life, but i kept going with my inner journey trying to discover what my mission was and my purpose of living this life. 

at age 27, i quit my insurance job and slowly began to do things i was passionate about. 


I had lots of metaphysical, spiritual training and i was becoming more aware of what my life purpose was. i also realized some of the gift i had, which i never looked at it as a gift because it was normal for me. 

i took a leap of faith to be where i am right now and i am happier than ever before.

my personal spiritual journey helped me gain wisdom.

spirituality is only valid when you actually live it. 

spirituality includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves and search for meaning in life and knowing its a never-ending journey.

​I do wing readings to guide people to the light and help people connect to their true self. 

As I read for people, i noticed that many people needed deeper inner healing in their energetic body. 

We are not only body and mind, but we also have spirit and soul.

​My products are created with intention and energetically charged with unique frequencies to cleanse, balance and activate your energy.

my passion is to share my knowledge and inspire others to view their life from the spiritual perspective so that everyone could find love and peace within themselves... which will lead to the world peace. 



​Lisa S. Kamimoto

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