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from people who received my Wing Reading


An incredible time collaborating with Lisa. Very observant, deeply empathetic, and nurturing.  She heard me out, and provided advice that will help me thrive. You should definitely go for a full wing reading; it's highly recommended.


Lisa is spot on with her energy reading. Never have I before felt the energy from someone who has tapped into my energy. Very loving and an awesome session I had. Thank you for painting my wing!!


Lisa, was amazing! Our session was really eye opening and was divinely guided! What a beautiful soul she went above and beyond to help me! I truly appreciate you!

Efrelyn A

Such an amazing experience. Lisa was so spot on! I anticipated what my wings would look like and honestly I felt as if my wings were big! It kinda felt like I was always laying in a big bed of water. Or floating on a water bed. When she finally did my reading and described my wings  being big like the ocean. How it was never ending. I felt it! She described the hibiscus on the top of my wings closer towards the part of my back. What’s amazing is that I actually have a hibiscus tattoo on my back close to the placement that she has on my wings. When she did my reading and pulled my cards, they were really spot on! Everything that I was trying to do or working towards was paying off! I’m glad that we crossed paths! Thank you for the reassurance!!! Such a beautiful soul, if you feel like you should get a reading. Here’s your sign that you should!  Thank you so much!!!  -Efrelyn


 I had a pleasant and interesting experience. She is super nice and has a very calming, sincere voice. I can listen to her talk all day if I wanted to.  Thank you Lisa for the time spent and all of the clarifications & guidance you have provided me throughout my wing reading. It kind of felt like a good ol' girl talk  that I needed hahaha. The reading was really spot on 10/10  


 Lisa is a beautiful amazing soul! She is humble & you can definitely feel the loving energy. I am so grateful for her time to talk with me! What she said is on point. She not only cares about what she does but also about the world we lived in. 


I am so glad to have chatted with Lisa! I'm sure I was led to her by my own guides because they knew she would be a great help to me on my spiritual journey. She not only helped me identify my blockage, but also gave me solutions! Talking to her helped me realize a lot about myself as well. If not for her, I'd probably go on for a long time before realizing I had an attachment to me as well, thank you Lisa! I love my wings 10000%!